Saturday, April 14, 2012

The day I met Jesus and he robbed me...true story.

The day I met Jesus and he robbed me...
Well, it was a cold, winter's day, obviously not like any other. This day started off pretty normal with the only fact that I was still mad. I'm sure you would have been too. You see that winter at age 8 I had wrote lots of letters to Santa. Mostly begging him to bring me a bike for my very own. Christmas day came and there was a bike under the tree, yes. But it was for my sister and I to share. "How could this be?" I asked. The bike should just have been mine, not to split. This isn't a pitty-party, there is a point...i'm getting to it. Where was I? Okay, A few weeks had passed and I was still mad about the whole sharing the bike thing. Not that I'm one to hold a grudge. I just couldn't understand why Santa did something soooo horrific. Don't judge me, I was only 8. Anyway, my sister and I were out playing with the ("SHARED BIKE") and I see this kid at the end of the block. He was leaning on the building and without speaking it was like he called to me. "Come here." He said. So, I walked down to him, and asked his name. He said in a whisper "Jesus." I love and believe in God soooo much, that, that moment I fell in love with him. His eyes were hazle brown and the snow glistened on them like diamonds. I couldn't help it but I was frozen still with his beauty. Quickly he then asked if he could have a ride on my bike. Just as quick, I said "Sure." My sister said "Hold on!" "What are you doing?" She called me to the sidebar, and proceeded telling me that we weren't giving him a ride. I protested and said "Are you crazy?" "This is Jesus!" My sister then asked if I was sure. I told her I was definitely sure and that I could feel it in my heart. Believing this was the right thing to do. I could see in his eyes such hurt, sadness, pain, suffering and most of all no hope. I was sure that giving him a ride on our bike would maybe brighten his day. Possibly restoring some hope in him again. Well, he got on the bike and kept riding. We never seen him or the bike ever again. Do you know what you'll, do and the length you'll go, when there's no hope? When there is no hope there is no love, no compassion, no understanding, and no humility. I beg you, push forward and never lose hope. Believe that it will get better. I know first hand, it does get better.

Thank you,

By: China Meyers