Sunday, September 2, 2012

Listen to these words.

Listen to these words!
(YOU) are not alone. If (YOU) have been a victim ever before in your life, (YOU) are not alone. I can tell (YOU) that everything you've ever thought about dealing with sorrow or pain was wrong. Your thinking. "What are (YOU) talking about, are (YOU) crazy?" Most people think there is only one way to deal with terrible circumstances and the trails in this life. I'm gonna let (YOU) in on a little secret. Then (YOU) too will know how to put your pain and misfortune behind (YOU). So, (YOU) can have a future full of life's joys and blessings. Let me start by saying this may be hard to believe. But from what I've read, there is a switch between the conscious and the subconscious in the mind. This switch can turn off or bring to mind, happy memories, suffering or pain that has been endured. Like the day (YOU) cut your foot on a piece of glass that fall windy morning. Or your grandma's apple pie eaten when you were nine. All put away in the subconscious. Who do (YOU) think puts it there? (YOU)! Who do (YOU) think brings it to mind? (YOU). So, if (YOU) put away grandma's apple pie. I say (YOU) could put away being sexually assaulted or mistreat badly, and move on. Why not? (YOU) might not know this but your brain will do whatever (YOU) tell it to. This is why, while your reading this (YOU) are not peeing in your chair. Believe it or not (YOU) are holding back your urine. (YOU), not your brain. The brain is a very powerful and an amazing thing. But so are (YOU). This is true. Okay, you can start by believing that you can choose to sit around for the rest of your life dwelling in self-pity...thinking about what happened to (YOU) or how (YOU) were wronged, treated, mistreated or neglected, for an eternity. Or, (YOU) can stand up and put a stop to what happened to (YOU). By no longer being a victim. But turning into a survivor. (Meaning- carry on to spite hardship or trauma. (YOU) ask how is this done? Easy! Here is one way---  Sigmund freud believed that talk therapy was one of the best ways to come out of a certain way of thinking. And this way of thinking can then be changed. Only when a different view was put forth or suggested. Did (YOU) know, it isn't about that person who hurt (YOU). It's about how (YOU) wanna live your life. And how (YOU) treat others. Fill your time with living your life. Because (YOU) only get one chance and tomorrow is not promised. I'm sure your community probably needs someone like (YOU) to help the more less fortunate people that are there. Or someone who is having a hard time. In my humble opinion their isn't enough good-will to go around. I think it's because most people are just too caught up in their own lives to want to, or find the time to help anyone else. Sadly, this is becoming a very disconnected world. Remember, when your day comes to be judged, what will be said about how (YOU) lived your life. So, I evoke (YOU) (NOT) to be a victim. But a survivor of things that happened in your life. And also someone who makes a difference in other's lives.

By: China Meyers