Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, Momma...

My mother came into this world alone. She lived a life that a daughter, mother grandmother and great grand mother could. One perhaps of disappointment, defiance, dissolution, fear, triumph and most of all love! It was not easy for her. And if anyone had walked in her shoes, would say not. But because she lead out to a perfect life, her heart, you could hear was broken. Sometimes again and again!  Unbelievably she never gave up. I somehow believe that she knew if she did, it would be the end of her. Born in a time where racism was a way of life..In a way those times made her stronger than ever! Becoming a force, that who ever knew her leaned on. Because of the power she possessed, using her will, sometimes made her fragile! Only because of her disbelief in the people in the world. Sometimes the ones she loved. These things drained her very soul. To spite all her life's stresses, her smile stayed illuminating. Living the life she wanted to live with no boundaries. Becoming one of the first black woman to go to college. In a time where that was not aloud! Acquiring a degree in business. and going on to owning and operating several business. Including a Carvel Ice Cream franchise. I might add she bought the supplies and open the doors with no money.Only her word, a hand shake and her promise that they would be re payed in a timely fashion. She taught all seven of her children---that going after your dreams and hard work is all worth the ride! She, I am sad to say is no longer with us. But she lives in all she left behind. Her legacy is in the ones who truly knew her.Our strength, determination, honor and never say die attitude.is here alive and well. All this because of her! Alberta's life was not a waist. And the good she did truly measures who she was. And where she is now.So, for this she should not be judged. She is sourly missed!

Happy Mother's Day Momma
R.I.P to the best woman I'll ever know! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

  I'm very glad your here with me. I would like it very much if you try to visit offen. If you do, I promise the informative and inspirational stories won't ever end.

This one is a litttle story about me. But please be advised. Do not think you know me...because this is just a hint of who I am. Besides I am forever changeing.

In my quest to find love and happiness, I end up living on the streets of N.Y, left with sorrow pain and feelings of betrayal. I begin my journey at age 10 when I am sent off to live in Egypt with an older sister. After years of neglect, I am brought back to Brooklyn to live with my family. At age 12 I wake up only to find myself in a mental institution, my arms and legs bound by restraints with no idea how i got there. By 15 I become a mother and a bodyguard for my drug-dealing brother, putting my life on the line and my values aside just to survive. The years of living this life come to an abrupt halt when my brother pulls the trigger of a double barrel shotgun. Fleeing N.Y. with nowhere to run, I then encounter obstacles far worse than the days of drug-running and living on the streets.

Now as each thing happened and believe me it was one thing after another. I have to be honest and say, and this is coming from a person that has an unbelievable amount of hope. But I'm human and as each thing in my life happened back then, one thing even worse then the other...my hope inside was waning! So, one night it was dark out and the moon was shinning so beautifully. I looked out my window and saw this amazing dark sky. And at that moment I felt soooo alone, lost, broken and mostly without a drop of hope. It was like my soul was drained of everything. Believe me when I tell you I know the true meaning of the word empty! And that is exactly what I felt. At age 18 there was this hole so big all I seen was black. I went to the bathroom closet and took two bottles emptying them in my hand. And before I swallowed them, I asked God to (PLEASE FORGIVE ME!) Then I swallowed every last one of them. I woke up in the hospital the next morning. My brother told me I had died. With a smile, he said "but obviously they saved you." 

I learned so many valuable lessons that night. I can tell you this, when I woke up I was a totally different China. And I realized tomorrow is not promised. But if you are given the chance to see it...don't miss the beauty and possibilities of what life can give you that is good. And if you are so blessed with that opportunity you can make it what you want. Most importantly...don't ever take life for granted. Because it is truly a gift from God not meant to be wasted!

By: China Meyers

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Listen to these words.

Listen to these words!
(YOU) are not alone. If (YOU) have been a victim ever before in your life, (YOU) are not alone. I can tell (YOU) that everything you've ever thought about dealing with sorrow or pain was wrong. Your thinking. "What are (YOU) talking about, are (YOU) crazy?" Most people think there is only one way to deal with terrible circumstances and the trails in this life. I'm gonna let (YOU) in on a little secret. Then (YOU) too will know how to put your pain and misfortune behind (YOU). So, (YOU) can have a future full of life's joys and blessings. Let me start by saying this may be hard to believe. But from what I've read, there is a switch between the conscious and the subconscious in the mind. This switch can turn off or bring to mind, happy memories, suffering or pain that has been endured. Like the day (YOU) cut your foot on a piece of glass that fall windy morning. Or your grandma's apple pie eaten when you were nine. All put away in the subconscious. Who do (YOU) think puts it there? (YOU)! Who do (YOU) think brings it to mind? (YOU). So, if (YOU) put away grandma's apple pie. I say (YOU) could put away being sexually assaulted or mistreat badly, and move on. Why not? (YOU) might not know this but your brain will do whatever (YOU) tell it to. This is why, while your reading this (YOU) are not peeing in your chair. Believe it or not (YOU) are holding back your urine. (YOU), not your brain. The brain is a very powerful and an amazing thing. But so are (YOU). This is true. Okay, you can start by believing that you can choose to sit around for the rest of your life dwelling in self-pity...thinking about what happened to (YOU) or how (YOU) were wronged, treated, mistreated or neglected, for an eternity. Or, (YOU) can stand up and put a stop to what happened to (YOU). By no longer being a victim. But turning into a survivor. (Meaning- Survivor...to carry on to spite hardship or trauma. (YOU) ask how is this done? Easy! Here is one way---  Sigmund freud believed that talk therapy was one of the best ways to come out of a certain way of thinking. And this way of thinking can then be changed. Only when a different view was put forth or suggested. Did (YOU) know, it isn't about that person who hurt (YOU). It's about how (YOU) wanna live your life. And how (YOU) treat others. Fill your time with living your life. Because (YOU) only get one chance and tomorrow is not promised. I'm sure your community probably needs someone like (YOU) to help the more less fortunate people that are there. Or someone who is having a hard time. In my humble opinion their isn't enough good-will to go around. I think it's because most people are just too caught up in their own lives to want to, or find the time to help anyone else. Sadly, this is becoming a very disconnected world. Remember, when your day comes to be judged, what will be said about how (YOU) lived your life. So, I evoke (YOU) (NOT) to be a victim. But a survivor of things that happened in your life. And also someone who makes a difference in other's lives.

By: China Meyers

Sunday, June 24, 2012

lost...true story

lost...true story.
Well, it was summer time and we were on a long deserved vacation. And because Michael, my significant other, doesn't like to fly. We drove to Seattle, WA to visit my sister. I don't have to tell you how long this trip was. L.O.L- And one we promised each other we would never do again. Anyway, on the way there we stopped for gas. Oh, i forgot to add...it seemed like we were, excuse me, like we were going to hell. Only, because the whole way there it was down hill. It was very weird! I digress. Michael got out of the car to fill up the tank. Out of the gas station comes who we think was one of the guys they made the Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie about. The man had what looked like blood on his shirt and there wasn't not one tooth in his mouth. Michael looked at me and I looked at him. Now, I'm sorry! But I did what any girl from the ghetto would have done. I locked the doors and shut the windows. Okay, I have to add just to let you know, a reflex did take over me. Haha- Through the closed windows I could here the man asking Michael, L.O.L. "Where are you folks headed." Listening, I think...don't tell him. Just then, barely reading Michael's lips, he doesn't skip a beat telling the crazy man our exact destination. Right then, it comes to me, I've got to teach him some survival skills. One would be don't tell a KILLER where your GOING. What an adventure that was. If you asked, in a word, how was driving across country? I would have to say-scary! Well, we finally made it there in one peace. And honestly, after arriving unharmed. We had a really good time. So, the day we're on our way back home. We get a call from Michael's mother. She tells us, my dog, lets call her Shirly, was lost. I began to pray and I tell God "I can't lose her, not now. No good bye, nothing! Please no!" I prayed. This dog was my life and she meant everything to me. And because of her it was easier to live in this world. I'm not kidding when I say "She was an amazing dog and she brought soooo much joy to my life. You get the picture? As you can imagine, with this call I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. Minutes later I get this unbelievable feeling of calm. I have no idea why. But at that moment I knew she would be found. Just then, I stopped worrying. I somehow was sure without a doubt I would find her. We stopped and slept in a gas station, after driving straight for miles. Michael wakes up quickly and tells me he...

Because I have written and plan for the last part of this story to become a children's book. I can not continue.

Long story short...we found her and she was then safely returned to my arms. A few years later she pasted away. But she will live on in my heart forever. I will remember her for the rest of my life. She was truely one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Rest In Peace Shirly...

By: China Meyers

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


  We are touched by soo many people in our life time. I believe when someone touches you they touch your soul as well. Me personally, I try to never forget any of them. I have to say mostly, because of who they are. But also, what they come to mean to me. And most of all, what I've learned from them. I would say the person that touched me first, was my mother. Why you ask? Well...where do I begin? First, she was the most amazing person I've ever known. Don't judge me for what I'm about to say, but she wasn't a good mother. Honestly, I'm mad about that sometimes. But then I think, so what...realizing she was so much more then that.With that said, I have to add without a doubt she was a great human being with an unbelievable amount of humanity.She also entailed the best qualities a person could ever have. Definitely, the kindest person I've ever met and loved. Because of this, I know she sacrificed soooo much for seven kids. Her bad choices in men left her life with such struggles. Because I have so much of her inside me. I understand it wasn't easy for her. And that leaves me so grateful for who she was. Just to give you one example of the kind of person she was. Once a cousin of mine was sexually assaulted. Then not long after she found out she was pregnant. Her mother was going to put the daughter's baby up for adoption. My mother asked my cousin if she wanted her baby? Only Fifteen she said "yes, I do auntie" she said. Meanwhile, the baby was in a home waiting to be adopted. My mother and cousin, walked in the adoption home and took the baby with them. Because of my mom's courageous act, my cousin was able to raise her baby just like she wanted. I was blessed with five sisters and one brother. Now, I could go on and on with stories of people and how they touched my soul. But my soul mate, children and sister's and brother will never know how much they have touched and enhanced my life forever. Really, everyone I have  ever met young and old has made me the person I am today. Because of who they are. You might not know this. But there are soooo many good people in this world. I can honestly say I know a lot of them. So, thanks to all of you. And know that your special touch has made me a better me. Please never forget the ones that have touched your life and has made you a better you.

Thank you,

China Meyers

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The day I met Jesus and he robbed me...true story.

The day I met Jesus and he robbed me...
Well, it was a cold, winter's day, obviously not like any other. This day started off pretty normal with the only fact that I was still mad. I'm sure you would have been too. You see that winter at age 8 I had wrote lots of letters to Santa. Mostly begging him to bring me a bike for my very own. Christmas day came and there was a bike under the tree, yes. But it was for my sister and I to share. "How could this be?" I asked. The bike should just have been mine, not to split. This isn't a pitty-party, there is a point...i'm getting to it. Where was I? Okay, A few weeks had passed and I was still mad about the whole sharing the bike thing. Not that I'm one to hold a grudge. I just couldn't understand why Santa did something soooo horrific. Don't judge me, I was only 8. Anyway, my sister and I were out playing with the ("SHARED BIKE") and I see this kid at the end of the block. He was leaning on the building and without speaking it was like he called to me. "Come here." He said. So, I walked down to him, and asked his name. He said in a whisper "Jesus." I love and believe in God soooo much, that, that moment I fell in love with him. His eyes were hazle brown and the snow glistened on them like diamonds. I couldn't help it but I was frozen still with his beauty. Quickly he then asked if he could have a ride on my bike. Just as quick, I said "Sure." My sister said "Hold on!" "What are you doing?" She called me to the sidebar, and proceeded telling me that we weren't giving him a ride. I protested and said "Are you crazy?" "This is Jesus!" My sister then asked if I was sure. I told her I was definitely sure and that I could feel it in my heart. Believing this was the right thing to do. I could see in his eyes such hurt, sadness, pain, suffering and most of all no hope. I was sure that giving him a ride on our bike would maybe brighten his day. Possibly restoring some hope in him again. Well, he got on the bike and kept riding. We never seen him or the bike ever again. Do you know what you'll, do and the length you'll go, when there's no hope? When there is no hope there is no love, no compassion, no understanding, and no humility. I beg you, push forward and never lose hope. Believe that it will get better. I know first hand, it does get better.

Thank you,

By: China Meyers

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My take on Gods plan for us...

My take on Gods plan for us... 
My intention isn't to sound like a holliroller...with that said, I believe God brought his only begotten son to us, for a reason. I say wth the hope that we will see how he wants us to live, before we can come to him. And to remind us that sometimes life can be a struggle. But their is nothing we can go through, that would compare to what his son has already endured. Lets face it, nothing is free. That is why our sins have been paid for with the blood of Christ. He knows we are all creatures of habits. So, I'm thinking he believes with practice we will get it right. And maybe just maybe the ones that are taken too early in my humble opinion...sometimes perhaps already have it right. Okay, you ask how did his son live? This is my take from all I've read. I'm guessing he was loving, with hope, turning the other cheek, forgiving, nonjudgmental, nonviolent, understanding, caring, selfless and above all sacrificing. Call me crazy! But I think we all have this in us. We illustrate this as parents. Sometimes we choose not to display it towards each other on a daily basis. Guilty as charged. Why, You might ask? I say because we get cought up in our own lives. This then takes us off the planned road God has for us all. We then end up living a life mimicking one of a robots. And constantly giving into the flesh. This inturn makes us unfeeling, unloving, uncaring, judgmental, unforgiving, nonunderstanding, selfish, violent and willing to sacrifice everyone but ourselves. We could probably agree that our take on what we believe Gods plan for us will defer. But lets agree what the plan is and just get started living it. Doing this will get us as close to the plan as we can.  So, I want you to think about how you can get back on the road we're all suppose to be on...and just get on it:)


China Meyers