Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, Momma...

My mother came into this world alone. She lived a life that a daughter, mother grandmother and great grand mother could. One perhaps of disappointment, defiance, dissolution, fear, triumph and most of all love! It was not easy for her. And if anyone had walked in her shoes, would say not. But because she lead out to a perfect life, her heart, you could hear was broken. Sometimes again and again!  Unbelievably she never gave up. I somehow believe that she knew if she did, it would be the end of her. Born in a time where racism was a way of life..In a way those times made her stronger than ever! Becoming a force, that who ever knew her leaned on. Because of the power she possessed, using her will, sometimes made her fragile! Only because of her disbelief in the people in the world. Sometimes the ones she loved. These things drained her very soul. To spite all her life's stresses, her smile stayed illuminating. Living the life she wanted to live with no boundaries. Becoming one of the first black woman to go to college. In a time where that was not aloud! Acquiring a degree in business. and going on to owning and operating several business. Including a Carvel Ice Cream franchise. I might add she bought the supplies and open the doors with no money.Only her word, a hand shake and her promise that they would be re payed in a timely fashion. She taught all seven of her children---that going after your dreams and hard work is all worth the ride! She, I am sad to say is no longer with us. But she lives in all she left behind. Her legacy is in the ones who truly knew her.Our strength, determination, honor and never say die attitude.is here alive and well. All this because of her! Alberta's life was not a waist. And the good she did truly measures who she was. And where she is now.So, for this she should not be judged. She is sourly missed!

Happy Mother's Day Momma
R.I.P to the best woman I'll ever know!