Friday, May 3, 2013

  I'm very glad your here with me. I would like it very much if you try to visit offen. If you do, I promise the informative and inspirational stories won't ever end.

This one is a litttle story about me. But please be advised. Do not think you know me...because this is just a hint of who I am. Besides I am forever changeing.

In my quest to find love and happiness, I end up living on the streets of N.Y, left with sorrow pain and feelings of betrayal. I begin my journey at age 10 when I am sent off to live in Egypt with an older sister. After years of neglect, I am brought back to Brooklyn to live with my family. At age 12 I wake up only to find myself in a mental institution, my arms and legs bound by restraints with no idea how i got there. By 15 I become a mother and a bodyguard for my drug-dealing brother, putting my life on the line and my values aside just to survive. The years of living this life come to an abrupt halt when my brother pulls the trigger of a double barrel shotgun. Fleeing N.Y. with nowhere to run, I then encounter obstacles far worse than the days of drug-running and living on the streets.

Now as each thing happened and believe me it was one thing after another. I have to be honest and say, and this is coming from a person that has an unbelievable amount of hope. But I'm human and as each thing in my life happened back then, one thing even worse then the hope inside was waning! So, one night it was dark out and the moon was shinning so beautifully. I looked out my window and saw this amazing dark sky. And at that moment I felt soooo alone, lost, broken and mostly without a drop of hope. It was like my soul was drained of everything. Believe me when I tell you I know the true meaning of the word empty! And that is exactly what I felt. At age 18 there was this hole so big all I seen was black. I went to the bathroom closet and took two bottles emptying them in my hand. And before I swallowed them, I asked God to (PLEASE FORGIVE ME!) Then I swallowed every last one of them. I woke up in the hospital the next morning. My brother told me I had died. With a smile, he said "but obviously they saved you." 

I learned so many valuable lessons that night. I can tell you this, when I woke up I was a totally different China. And I realized tomorrow is not promised. But if you are given the chance to see it...don't miss the beauty and possibilities of what life can give you that is good. And if you are so blessed with that opportunity you can make it what you want. Most importantly...don't ever take life for granted. Because it is truly a gift from God not meant to be wasted!

By: China Meyers